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May 2017
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May 18 2017 09:26
<mementomori> hi!
<mementomori> is it possible to build pyside2 on a mac?
<alcroito> mementomori: hi. yes
<mementomori> alcroito, just tried against qt 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 and got compilation errors
<alcroito> mementomori: depending on the qt version you want to use, you should use specific branches of the pyside repo
<alcroito> repos*
<mementomori> which branch for 5.7 ?
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May 18 2017 09:32
<mementomori> alcroito, I was using origin/dev
<alcroito> you should try the 5.9 of the pyside repos
<alcroito> although if i'm not mistaken there might have been some issue with multimedia headers for 5.7 qt
<alcroito> if the build fails just pastebin the build log
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May 18 2017 09:39
<mementomori> alcroito, got the 5.9 branch. Now I'm dowloading qt 5.9
<mementomori> I'll try to build pyside2 (branch 5.9) against Qt 5.9 and I'll tell you the results
<alcroito> you can test it aganst qt5.9, but you can also use the pyside 5.9 branches against qt5.7
<mementomori> alcroito, testing branch 5.9 against qt 5.7
<alcroito> yes
<alcroito> sorry, i thoguht there was a question mark
<mementomori> alcroito, got errors. preparing a pastebin report
<mementomori> alcroito,
<ctismer> mementomori it works with homebrew qt 5.8 if you patch one simple bug away
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May 18 2017 09:45
<alcroito> mementomori: did you checkout 5.9 for the shiboken repo as well?
<mementomori> alcroito, yes. pyside2 is using branch 5.9 (instead of dev)
<alcroito> mementomori: pyside2 is a different repo than the shiboken repo
<mementomori> ???
<alcroito> there are 2 submodules
<alcroito> sources/pyside2 and sources/shiboken
<mementomori> mmmmmmmmmm
<mementomori> let me check
<ctismer> mementomori you need C++ 11 support
<lqi> mementomori: you can start from
<ctismer> I just saw your errors. No chance if you don't install clang
<mementomori> ctismer, clang is installed
<ctismer> mementomori or you thick with Qt 5.6 and the PySide 5.6 branch.
<mementomori> alcroito, how can I clone the full 5.9 branch?
<alcroito> lqi: the wiki page does not seem to mention to checkout the 5.9 branches
<lqi> alcroito: so we should update it...
<alcroito> mementomori: cd sources/shiboken && git checkout 5.9
<ctismer> mementomori but not recognized. I have "CLANG_INSTALL_DIR=/Users/tismer/libclang"
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May 18 2017 09:50
<lqi> "Currently, only Qt 5.6 is supported. Qt needs to be build with the QtXmlPatterns module."...
<mementomori> alcroito, ctismer I'm getting confused....
<fkleint> mementomori: The readme of 5.9 should tell
<fkleint> and with approved (HINT, HINT)
<mementomori> can you provide the needed steps to build pyside2 (any branch you like) against qt5 (any version you like)
<lqi> ctismer: you mentioned setup, pyside2 and shiboken will be merged to one repo?
<ctismer> lqi yes, I think so.
<lqi> mementomori: qt vs pyside, 5.6 vs 5.6, 5.7-dev vs 5.9
<mementomori> after "git clone --recursive" how can I be sure to checkout the right branch?
<ctismer> lqi we will probably decide today on that. There has been no reap complaint in 2 weeks.
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May 18 2017 09:55
<ctismer> #real
<mementomori> just git checkout 5.9?
<mementomori> is it better for me to wait until next monday for the new repo layout?
<mementomori> maybe it'll be easier...
<lqi> mementomori: cd sources/pyside2; git checkout -b 5.9 origin/5.9; git pull
<lqi> like that
<lqi> also for sources/shiboken2
<mementomori> in sources there are patchelf pyside2 pyside2-examples pyside2-tools and shiboken2
<mementomori> is it safe to checkout 5.9 in every dir?
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May 18 2017 10:03
<lqi> pyside2 and shiboken2 are normally fine
<lqi> but welcome to play pyside2-examples too
<mementomori> ok. checked out 5.9 in every dir inside sources. tried building against qt 5.6, 5.7, 5.8. I always get compilation errors
<mementomori> CLANG_INSTALL_DIR is defined
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May 18 2017 10:08
<mementomori> my clang is libclang-release_39-linux-Rhel7.2-gcc5.3-x86_64.7z
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May 18 2017 10:14
<ctismer> mementomori I would start with 5.6. That must work without errors. Then you can go to the next level ;⁠)
<mementomori> ctismer, do you mean the pyside branch or the qt version?
<ctismer> both, what else?
<ctismer> mementomori also, is your cland really for macOS?
<ctismer> clang
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May 18 2017 10:20
<mementomori> ctismer, I hope yes....
<mementomori> ctismer, I think I'm using the wrong clang
<mementomori> I'll try libclang-release_40-mac.7z
<ctismer> mementomori follow exactly the readme. You should have
<ctismer> $ /Users/tismer/libclang/bin/clang --version
<ctismer> clang version 3.9.1 ( c3709e72d22432f53f8e2f14354def31a96734fe) ( 46079999e9111e8e8c2c1f0511477c3bec38d74a)
<ctismer> Target: x86_64-apple-darwin16.5.0
<ctismer> Thread model: posix
<ctismer> InstalledDir: /Users/tismer/libclang/bin
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May 18 2017 10:33
<alcroito> funny, i did that mistake once myself, downloaded linux clang and couldn't understand why it didn't work on mac
<ctismer> alcroito :⁠) easy to get confused
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May 18 2017 10:46
<fkleint> alcroito: FOund it
<fkleint> QTSMFC and QTSMFI are still needed (whatever those are)
<alcroito> fkleint: what the hell is that
<fkleint> ;⁠-)
<fkleint> tne secrets of Qt ;⁠-)
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May 18 2017 13:09
<ctismer> fkleint am I right? Do the new introspection stuff in 5.9 and then port back?
<alcroito> ctismer: question for you
<alcroito> ctismer: do you know the significance of the qt5-license branch in the shiboken and pyside repos?
<ctismer> alcroito yessir
<alcroito> ^
<ctismer> alcroito no, no Idea
<alcroito> ok
<ctismer> alcroito I just heard Alex saying that it is the same for the 3 repos, somehow. Did not question that.
<ctismer> alcroito but no idea what this license branch is about. Thought it was needed for a while. But better ask Alex
<alcroito> ok
<alcroito> ctismer: one more question, it seems that pyside and shiboken both have 4.8 branches, but pyside-setup doesn't.
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May 18 2017 13:15
<alcroito> Was the structure of how the pyside1 was build somehow different? I assume once work on porting to qt5 started, nobody bothered to tag 4.8 in pyside-setup?
<ctismer> alcroito hum. It has been used on 4.8, of course
<alcroito> but there are no tags, and no 4.8
<alcroito> so i assume master was used at that point
<ctismer> alcroito I just started somehow, but I think it was tagged 2.0.0dev
<ctismer> alcroito you have that still in, somehow
* ctismer trying to figure this out
<alcroito> might be that we haven't imported the tags then, when we moved to gerrit
<alcroito> cause i see them on github
<fkleint> I think qt5-license can be abandoned .. was some temp thing
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May 18 2017 13:21
<ctismer> fkleint do I introspection on 5.6 or 5.9? The latter would make it easier to test your stuff :⁠)
<ctismer> alcroito yeah, possible!
<fkleint> ctismer: depends on how big the change is
<fkleint> ctismer: if you need to modify shiboken heavily, then 5.9 might be the target
<ctismer> can you give me a QtCon Url? I can find only last year's stuff...
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May 18 2017 13:33
<ctismer> alcroito thx!
<alcroito> fkleint: ctismer: any opinions on wether the final merged repo should be called pyside or pyside-setup?
<fkleint> alcroito: Ask ablasche?
<fkleint> alcroito: maybe pyside..pyside2?
<alcroito> sidepy2
<alcroito> also, all of my stashes and temp unpushed commits will die a horrible death Q_Q
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May 18 2017 13:41
<alcroito> pyside2 it is
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May 18 2017 13:50
<ctismer> alcroito should it be PySide2? PyQt5 seems to have just itself named PyQt
<alcroito> that's what ablasche proposed
<ctismer> fine with me
<alcroito> and it wouldn't conflict / confuse people with the existing pyside (1) repo on github
<ctismer> well, the existing pyside1 is the same thing, actually
<ctismer> just another branch, originally. But let's forget that
<ctismer> for me, it is more natural to stick with pyside-setup, because otherwise it is confusing a little...
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May 18 2017 13:55
<alcroito> shrug ablasche was not in favor of keeping pyside-setup.
<ctismer> but that's a minor. please merge
<ctismer> "sidepy2" was a good one ;⁠-)
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May 18 2017 14:14
<fkleint> alcroito: I am starting a merge round? or are you working in the repos?
<alcroito> fkleint: i sent an email to you and ossi and everybody, i don't know when he's gonna have time to do it
<alcroito> merge round should be fine
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May 18 2017 14:23
<fkleint> alcroito: Are you testing shiboken?
<alcroito> fkleint: in what way?
<fkleint> alcroito: reviewing the change
<fkleint> merge
<alcroito> but all the shiboken changes were in 5.9
<alcroito> i didn't test the merge because of that
<fkleint> is still pending?
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May 18 2017 14:29
<alcroito> oh, i was talking to rainer
<fkleint> About PySide ;⁠-)
<fkleint> ?
<alcroito> about opening mail letters when there's no address written :⁠D
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May 18 2017 16:14
<Mrokii> Hello. I'm currently trying to get into PySide-Programming (with PySide 1). Out of curiosity: Apart from Qt5-compatibility, will there be any substantial changes in the way of programming with PySide2? Or will the API stay essentially the same?
<alcroito> Hi. The pyside2 api will adjust to the qt 5 api. The principles remain the same.
<Mrokii> Okay, thanks.