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May 2017
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May 23 2017 04:01
<tamarin> PySide.QtCore.version is the version that PySide was built against, correct? That's not the version it's currently linked against, is it?
<mefistofeles> I'd say yes, pyside does not include the whole Qt library so it can't be the one is linked against
<mefistofeles> or wait
<tamarin> hm
<mefistofeles> actually, I think it is the one it s linked against
<mefistofeles> but taken directly from the Qt lib you have in your system, I presume
<tamarin> oh. So can I specify a qt path or library at runtime?
<tamarin> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib64/qt5 python still says 4.8.7. hm
<mefistofeles> hmmm
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May 23 2017 04:07
<mefistofeles> well, if you are using PySide (not PySide2) then it has to use Qt 4.x
<mefistofeles> bt I'm not really sure about it
<tamarin> That's what I thought, but the link to PySide2, etc, seems dead. I thought maybe it was folded into the PySide on pypi.
<mefistofeles> what link?
<mefistofeles> well, gtg
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May 23 2017 04:23
<tamarin> I guess there just isn't pyside2 support? hm
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May 23 2017 09:26
<ctismer> fkleint tried a build of QtCharts and got
<ctismer> fkleint clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/tismer/src/QtC/pyside-setup/pyside3d_build/py3.6-qt5.8.0-64bit-debug/pyside2/PySide2/QtTextToSpeech/PySide2/QtTextToSpeech/qtexttospeech_wrapper.cpp'
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May 23 2017 09:33
<alcroito> pyside repo merging is imminent
<alcroito> Which means you will have to rebase all your WIP patches on the new repo URL
<fkleint> ctismer: Huh?
<fkleint> weird, works here
<fkleint> ctismer: But that is the other change
<alcroito> ctismer might not have the qttexttospeech qt module installed. I don't know if it comes out of the box in homebrew
<fkleint> ctismer: but it has the new detection magic?
<ctismer> alcroito super! I thought you wanted to stop this, yesterday?
<alcroito> ctismer: just took some time to discuss the consequences one more time
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May 23 2017 09:38
<ctismer> fkleint need to check what's goig on with text to speech
<fkleint> ctismer: yep, is has this COLLECT magic..
<ctismer> going
<ctismer> fkleint somehow it is there and not there. checking...
<fkleint> Huh ;⁠-)
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May 23 2017 09:49
<ctismer> fkleint qttexttospeech is installed on homebrew. Checking the build...
<alcroito> We should probably not merge new patches yet, because they will not be in the new repo
<alcroito> Also I prepared an email to explain some things, waiting for the repo merge to be finished
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May 23 2017 10:14
<fkleint> yup
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May 23 2017 10:28
<fkleint> alcroito: Has the magic happened? The fst patch probably should be sth like (speculatively)..what else is there?
<fkleint> ctismer: ^^^^^^^^^^
<fkleint> and then merge up
<alcroito> fkleint: not yet, i guess ossi went to eat
<fkleint> Ah ;⁠-)
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May 23 2017 11:01
<ctismer> fkleint my wife just got our ~500 wedding photos. Back from interrupt ...
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May 23 2017 11:10
<ctismer> fkleint found it! QtTextToSpeech is not "since=5.9" but "since=5.8". I am building with 5.8, that is.
<fkleint> ctismer: I think it still is tech preview
<fkleint> ctismer: So I'd like to have it since 5.9
<fkleint> ctismer: The API might changed between 5,8..9..
<ctismer> qt breaks my build
<fkleint> hehe
<ctismer> fkleint sorry. That breaks build on Homebrew.
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May 23 2017 11:16
<ctismer> fkleint look at
<ctismer> fkleint that unambigously lists the module under 5.8
<fkleint> hm
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May 23 2017 11:33
<ctismer> fkleint it builds fine. What now breaks is QtCharts, which also needs 5.8. Editing...
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May 23 2017 11:42
<fkleint> alcroito,ctismer: off to doctor for 3/4h. As I said, maybe start with after the magic happened
<alcroito> fkleint: ok
<ctismer> fkleint happy :⁠)
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May 23 2017 11:51
<ctismer> alcroito
<alcroito> haven't seen that before
<ctismer> alcroito does QtWebEngineWidgets build for you with 5.9
<ctismer> ?
<alcroito> I didn't do a very recent build, but from a 1week old build, it worked
<ctismer> alcroito then I suppose something changed between 5.8 and 5.9. searching...
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May 23 2017 12:11
<ctismer> alcroito who did build at all with the new parser? All modules are commented away? QtWebEngineWidgets was utterly wrong. Changed it from value-type to object-type :⁠-D
<alcroito> ctismer: i did, and friedemann built with new parser
<ctismer> alcroito weird
<alcroito> git blame will tell you who touched the value/object change
<ctismer> alcroito it was wrong since years.
<alcroito> Well we didn't really focus on webengine yet, so to be expected
<ctismer> alcroito empyrical did that 201510-11.
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May 23 2017 12:18
<ctismer> alcroito cat I push the webengine change and the 5.8 changes together, or separate them?
<alcroito> if they are not related, then separate
<ctismer> ok :⁠-/
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May 23 2017 12:36
<fkleint> alcroito: back ..has magic happened?
<alcroito> fkleint: yes
<fkleint> ok
<alcroito> fkleint: shiboken/pyside2 is read only
<alcroito> pyside-setup has latest stuff
<alcroito> no new repo
<alcroito> test building 5.6 atm
<ctismer> fkleint alcroito problem with new parser: QWebEngineView does not find "findText" any more
<alcroito> to be expected
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May 23 2017 12:41
<ctismer> so one more test breaks.
<fkleint> ctismer: What does the reject log say? should be more verbose now
<alcroito> we don't support callback function pointers yet
<alcroito> we have a custom std::function like thing in webengine
<alcroito> for which no bindings are generated
<ctismer> but there is one version without callback. It throws away everything ...
<alcroito> that's the qdoc define path, and using it is wrong
<alcroito> oh
<alcroito> nvm
<alcroito> might be a separate issue then
<alcroito> i forgot there are 2 overload
<alcroito> s
<ctismer> should be gone now?
<alcroito> one sec
<ctismer> ok, what do I need to do, now that the merge happened?
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 12:47
<alcroito> no, it happens as expected. When using the non-qdoc signature, there's only one method with the callback type, which shiboken does not understand
<alcroito> as to the merge, i would suggest cloning pyside-setup into a new folder, and transferring your patches
<alcroito> using git-format patch or smth similar
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May 23 2017 12:52
<ctismer> alcroito ah, I understant. Then the docu does mix the qdoc settings? Is that wrong there?
<alcroito> i did not understand your question
<ctismer> thanks for the hints
<ctismer> lists two versions.
<alcroito> ctismer: if you look at the cpp header file, you can see that for qdoc defined code - two of them are listed, but the non-qdoc code (which is the actual implementation used) has only one, with a default cpp parameter, which essentially mimics the previous two, because you can call without the last parameter, or with it
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May 23 2017 12:57
<ctismer> alcroito ok, did not now look there. The documentation is then not correct or meant to be ambiguous
<alcroito> ctismer: it's not ambigous, the end result is the same
<alcroito> fkleint: could you test a windows build of the merge?
<alcroito> fkleint: i'm doing a build myself, but i think it's gonna fail for unrelated reasons
<fkleint> alcroito: so far
<fkleint> (fresh checkout)
<alcroito> curious i didn't need that, but then again i pass --git-ignore
<fkleint> hehe
<fkleint> alcroito: but then ;-(
<fkleint> (Linux)
<fkleint> is that darn dev2.0 tag still required...
<alcroito> fkleint: mac 5.6 built fine, and building 5.9 mac, also seems fine
<alcroito> haven't tried linux yet
<fkleint> disbelief
<fkleint> can you re-clone your repo and start from scratch ;⁠)
<fkleint> ?
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May 23 2017 13:02
<alcroito> i did
<fkleint> hmm
<alcroito> i'm bulding 5.6 on linux now
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May 23 2017 13:08
<alcroito> 5.6 / 5.9 on mac built / tested successfully
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May 23 2017 13:14
<alcroito> fkleint: it built and tested fine on my ubuntu machine, py2 qt5.6
<alcroito> in a new virtualenv
<fkleint> ok, so ,the patch is rather harmful..but it must not try to clone the submodules..
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May 23 2017 13:42
<ctismer> fkleint harmless?
<fkleint> ctismer: Your ef get_extension_folder(ext) is not harmless...
<ctismer> fkleint my what? non comprehende
<fkleint> one sec
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May 23 2017 13:53
<fkleint> Grrr
<alcroito> ?
<fkleint> fighting with
<alcroito> build and test 5.9 on linux workeed as well
<alcroito> and build works on 5.6 windows
<alcroito> i don't think tests will work at all
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May 23 2017 14:00
<fkleint> Why ? Seems they work?
<ctismer> alcroito if the merge was exactly done as planned, then we should have exactly the same directory structure
<alcroito> fkleint: because smth is borked on my setup
<alcroito> ctismer: we do
<fkleint> smth?
<alcroito> something
<fkleint> Ah
<alcroito> fkleint: why'd you remove the 2.0.0 tag?
<fkleint> is that still in use?
<alcroito> well, i think i've seen downstream people use it
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May 23 2017 14:07
<alcroito> other than that, the change works for me
<fkleint> hm
<alcroito> +2'ed, please do a forward merge round
<alcroito> and i'll ask ossi to migrate the open changes
<fkleint> crap. Massive merge conflict
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May 23 2017 14:12
<alcroito> fun times
<alcroito> i wondered if that's something that would happen
<ctismer> hmm, that was not a clean migration. Build is broken.
<ctismer> alcroito do you mean this? clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/tismer/src/QtC/pyside-setup/pyside3d_build/py3.6-qt5.8.0-64bit-debug/pyside2/PySide2/QtCore/PySide2/QtCore/qabstractstate_wrapper.cpp'
<alcroito> no, it worked fine for me
<ctismer> Ah sorry, wrong
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May 23 2017 14:17
<ctismer> my fault
<ctismer> alcroito switching branches without switching qt version is a bad idea...
<alcroito> yes
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 14:23
<ctismer> so I didn't say anything. ossi's merge works fine for me, so far.
<ctismer> alcroito what happens with my WIP stuff? Does it work at all?
<alcroito> not yet, we're figuring that out
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 15:00
<ctismer> alcroito your machine is faster than mine :⁠-)
<alcroito> i guess
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May 23 2017 22:29
<inf> Hey, I'm encountering a really strange problem (which I can't really find a good way to debug...) - I'm using PySide (Qt4) to create a simple cross-platform app. I'm mostly developing on Linux, but now I want to build it for Windows with cx_Freeze. Everything seems to work fine, except for subclassed QThread (with run() implementation), where for some reason cx_Frozen build hangs on
<inf> urllib2.urlopen/requests.get... When I just create a infinite loop with some sleeps and emit it works just fine, but seems like any networking-related stuff breaks it... Strangely enough, running the same code before cx_Freeze seems to work fine...
<inf> I don't really know how to debug it... Threading is hard (:
<inf> AFAIR python logging causes hangs here as well, for some reason... (at least in non-GUI threads) will check it now...
<inf> oh, nvm... it (logging hangs...) seems to work fine now, for some reason...?
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 22:36
<inf> so yeah, essentialy only setup that fails so far is windows + cx_freeze...
<inf> I'm really sorry for such a convoluted explanation... I've been struggling with it for the past couple of hours...
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 23:01
<inf> just a demo... windows + cx_freeze hangs after "doing stuff...", works perfectly fine on plain windows and linux. (winpython 2.7.13, 32bit, pyside 1.2.4)
From IRC (bridge bot)
May 23 2017 23:19
<inf> inb4 yes, i do know that i'm supposed to use pyside2 ,_,