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Jun 2017
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jun 01 2017 13:05
<ctismer> ablasche fkleint concerning PySide#500 I have a proposal:
<ctismer> ablasche fkleint Instead of generating additional includes, I can put the includes in the single Include file.
<ctismer> Example: QtWidgets.QApplication references the header from QtGui.QGuiApplication.
<ctismer> Instead of a reference, I can put the dependent header file in the main header file!
<ctismer> Then, some headers are a little larger, but there is no reaching out into an other header.
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jun 01 2017 13:10
<ctismer> ablasche fkleint Should I implement this? Can you imagine that?
<fkleint> ctismer: Hm, maybe give it a try ..sounds reasonable