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Jun 2017
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Jun 08 2017 11:07
<fkleint> sifalt: ping, alive?
<fkleint> ctismer, alcroito: shall we have a meeting today..anything to discuss?
<alcroito> fkleint: not much on my side
<ctismer> I'm here, improvements on signatures but not worth a meeting. Is Alex not there?
<fkleint> nope YAMW
<ctismer> fkleint alcroito I have a note that next week does not happen.
<fkleint> Huh?
<fkleint> this week was cancelled?
<fkleint> (yet another mgmt workshop)
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Jun 08 2017 11:13
<fkleint> alcroito: ok, what do you think about ?
<ctismer> fkleint so the message on 30.05. was meaning this event? It talked about 15.6. but I never understand...
<alcroito> It shows up for me in calendar at least
<fkleint> for me, this week is blank
<fkleint> anyways
<fkleint> Hm, sifalt gone missing ;-(
<ctismer> fkleint ok, at least we are on holiday from the 15.6. until weekend.
<alcroito> fkleint: i don't think much about it, because despite my efforts i do not undertand the issues and solution
<fkleint> hehe ;⁠-)
<fkleint> alcroito: The task at hand is, you want to make an app scriptable like MSWord/VBasic and have Qt-class derived classes for which you generate wrappers
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Jun 08 2017 11:18
<fkleint> alcroito: then those wrappers depend on the PySide2 wrappers after 500
<fkleint> alcroito: like and customers
<alcroito> that still doesn't explain the patch : ) Also, is that a customer reported issue?
<ctismer> alcroito you have only a subset of includes. Then it is bad to have unexpected includes that are not the default (name.cpp -> name.h)
<alcroito> ctismer: sorry, but that doesn't help me to understand.
<ctismer> alcroito the patch reduces the set of include files again to that before #500 by including the referenced base types inline, instead of extra files.
<ctismer> alcroito then you should read the issue, it is all there.
<alcroito> ctismer: i did read it, but i'm slow today
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Jun 08 2017 11:24
<fkleint> alcroito: or try to build the example (Linux),. this will currently fail with AppLib/mainwindow_wrapper.cpp:28:33: fatal error: qmainwindow_wrapper.h: No such file or directory
<fkleint> delete the includes from mainwindow_wrapper.cpp and it will build
<ctismer> alcroito guess how slow I was, until I finally understood? please look at the end of
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Jun 08 2017 11:30
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Jun 08 2017 11:37
<ctismer> joah