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Jul 2017
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jul 01 2017 02:51
<Owner_Mutilador> hi
<Owner_Mutilador> good night for all
<Owner_Mutilador> please i need a help about styleSheet
<Owner_Mutilador> I create this stylesheet for my pushbutton
<Owner_Mutilador> self.btn_ok.setStyleSheet("#btn_ok {background-color: transparent; background: none; border:none; background-repeat: none; border-image:url(:btn_ok1.png);}")
<Owner_Mutilador> but don't show image in a button
<Owner_Mutilador> The btn_ok.png file is in an "images" folder within the project.
<Owner_Mutilador> hello??
<Owner_Mutilador> somebody