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Jul 2017
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Jul 12 2017 07:59
<a-l-e> wrapper.cpp:108:55: error: no matching function for call to ‘QWebDatabase::QWebDatabase()’
<a-l-e> candidate: QWebDatabase::QWebDatabase(const QWebDatabase&)
<a-l-e> QWebDatabase is there... but there is no constructor without any argument...
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Jul 12 2017 08:47
<alcroito> It's plausible that Webkit bindings fail to build. WebKit is deprecated in Qt, so it's not a priority for PySide
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Jul 12 2017 09:01
<a-l-e> alcroito, how can i remove wekbit fro mpyside, then?
<alcroito> a-l-e: there's no skip afaik. it picks up the qt modules it finds
<a-l-e> well, i probably have other programs depending on it, so removing it from the system is not an option...
* a-l-e is trying to tweak the cmakelists file...
<alcroito> yes
<alcroito> i suppose you can modify sources/pyside2/PySide2/CMakeLists.txt
<alcroito> and comment out the collect_module_if_found for the 2 webkit entries
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Jul 12 2017 09:09
<a-l-e> ... indeed... now the websockets are missing... that's easy at this point :⁠-)
<a-l-e> 99% of something...
<a-l-e> The source directory "/home/ale/tmp/pyside-setup/sources/pyside2-tools" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.
<a-l-e> and, indeed, it's empty...
<a-l-e> ah, it's a submodule...
<a-l-e> ... i guess...
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Jul 12 2017 09:15
<a-l-e> yep...
<a-l-e> git submodule update --init --recursive
<a-l-e> * Install completed
<a-l-e> thanks alcroito !
<a-l-e> any place where i can my notes?
<a-l-e> any place where i can post my notes?
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Jul 12 2017 09:20
<a-l-e> ... not finished yet...
<a-l-e> my setup command was:
<a-l-e> python3 install --build-tests --jobs=4 --ignore-git --debug --reuse-build
<a-l-e> i'm in a virtualenv.
<a-l-e> but pyside2 does not seem to be installed
<a-l-e> python3 sources/pyside2-examples/examples/widgets/
<a-l-e> gives
<a-l-e> File "sources/pyside2-examples/examples/widgets/", line 13, in <module>
<a-l-e> class TetrixWindow(QtGui.QWidget):
<a-l-e> AttributeError: module 'PySide2.QtGui' has no attribute 'QWidget'
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Jul 12 2017 09:26
<fkleint> a-l-e: well, --ignore-git was apparently fatal, looks like the "sources/pyside2-examples submodule has the wrong branch. Needs to be 5.6 at least
<a-l-e> ok, i try to setup from scratch...
<fkleint> a-l-e: you can switch it over
<fkleint> a-l-e: git branch --track 5.9 origin/5.9 ..checkout 5.9
<a-l-e> well, with all the errors i got a clean setup is not such a bad idea...
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Jul 12 2017 09:48
<a-l-e> removing --ignore-git does not seem to have any effect...
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Jul 12 2017 10:04
<a-l-e> in testenv/bin i have pyside2-uic but no other binaries starting with pyside...
<a-l-e> and in testenv/.../ i don't find any other traces of pyside...
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Jul 12 2017 10:29
<alcroito> did you check out the pyside tools repo?
<alcroito> if you ran install
<alcroito> then the packages should be installed in virtualenv_name/lib/python2.7/site-packages/PySide2/
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Jul 12 2017 10:49
<a-l-e> yes, the tools are in the sources...
<a-l-e> ok, yes the stuff is in testenv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/PySide2/
<a-l-e> i will have to check next time... going to leave soon...
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jul 12 2017 14:16
<Mrokii> Hello. I am trying to set a background-image for a pyside-app, but it just doesn't work. I have found an example on the web that is supposed to work but doesn't: Does anybody know what the problem could be or how I could achieve that? I actually want a background image for a QContainer-widget.
<Mrokii> I forgot to say that I only found an example for PyQt, but I assume the same should be possible with PySide.
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jul 12 2017 14:36
<oprypin> Mrokii, i have no reason to believe that example would fail. show your code and then we'll see what's up
<oprypin> "QContainer-widget" is not a thing
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jul 12 2017 14:50
<Mrokii> oprypin: The problem is that even this example doesn't work. I left it unchanged and put a "test.png" image into the folder I ran that example from. There were no error messages, so it seems as if something is wrong on my system.