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Jul 2017
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Jul 14 2017 06:25
<Mrokii> Hello. I have a HBoxLayout and want to set the two sides to certain percentages of the main window, like 10% for the left side and 90% for the right side. How can I do that?
<oprypin> Mrokii, pass 1 and 9 respectively to layout.addWidget, see docs for 2nd arg
<oprypin> also use qsplitter to let the user adjust this divide, cuz that seems oddly specific
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Jul 14 2017 06:33
<Mrokii> oprypin: I'm working on a game where on the left side should only be displayed some statistics/text and the main game area is on the right. So there's simply no need to make the left side too big.
<Mrokii> oprypin: But thanks for the comments, I'll take a look.
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Jul 14 2017 13:28
<alcroito> ctismer: hi, are you planning to keep the signature implementation only for python 3?
<ctismer> hi alcroito In the first place, yes, because supporting Py2 is substantially more work. But if you find it worth it, I can do it, of course.
<ctismer> alcroito the reason is that has no signature support in Python 2. That would need to come, from an external module perhaps, or I write it, myself.
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Jul 14 2017 13:34
<alcroito> the decision wether we need it for py2 depends on where are we going to use the signature in the first place
<ctismer> ok so I'm open for any decision, while I find it elegant to stick with Python 3, because that is a good reason to switch to Python 3 ;⁠-)
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Jul 14 2017 13:39
<ctismer> alcroito For me, the feature is much better than I thought. I never had such a grip on all the functions. Did you realise that we have over 12000 functions?
<alcroito> no, i never counted
<fkleint> alcroito, ctismer: If it is Py3 only, maybe submit to 5.9 ?
<fkleint> and polish for C++11?
<alcroito> isn't the qt version and the py version unrelated
<ctismer> fkleint where is the connection?
<fkleint> ctismer: It is more of a new feature, then
<fkleint> ctismer: We cannot generally use it for testing with Py2, then
<fkleint> ctismer: it does not make much sense to go through those merge conflicts
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Jul 14 2017 13:44
<fkleint> then
<ctismer> fkleint there are very little. The only thing is the one function that uses foreach
<ctismer> fkleint compared to the effort I've put into this, this is below 1 promille ;⁠-)
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Jul 14 2017 18:31
<TopRamenGod> Hi everyone, I'm beginning a plugin project for Maya, so I'll be bugging you guys for at least a little while.
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Jul 14 2017 20:27
<TopRamenGod> Hello again, everyone. So here's my deal:
<TopRamenGod> I'm creating a plugin for Maya 2017. I'm the only C++ programmer in our org, so we are in the process of picking out which set of Python bindings to use for Qt. From what I can tell, here are the facts:
<TopRamenGod> Pyside2
<TopRamenGod> - integrated into the Maya SDK, so no need to build in the dependency
<TopRamenGod> - officially 'supported' by Qt
<TopRamenGod> - Seems to have very little documentation, probably due to it's shorter time in the wild.
<TopRamenGod> - FOSS friendlier license? (kind of unsure on this point)
<TopRamenGod> - would theoretically be the least amount of headache to get a working build environment, but I worry about the lack of documentation as development of my plugin gets deeper
<TopRamenGod> PyQt5
<TopRamenGod> - well documented, well liked
<TopRamenGod> - Not integrated into the Maya SDK, so need to build in the dependency
<TopRamenGod> - seems to have rather specific, tedious requirements in order to build into the dependency. From what I've seen from articles and documentation, this is going to be a huge PITA, even for a simple dependency roll-in of Python bindings
<TopRamenGod> (Sorry for wall of text. It seemed easier to digest all of it with some formatting)
<oprypin> TopRamenGod, pyqt documentation is very bad, pyside documentation is nonexistent. either way, you end up using qt documentation, it's just fine
<oprypin> pyqt is in fact very easy dependency-wise. while pyside2 is experimental and stuff.
<oprypin> pyside has a license friendlier to any software, mostly valued because it can be used in closed source software, unlike pyqt
<TopRamenGod> Yeah, that was one of my questions I had was the licensing
<TopRamenGod> GPLv3 vs LGPL wasn't entirely clear, because this would be a closed source plugin I'm wokring on
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Jul 14 2017 20:42
<TopRamenGod> oprypin: do you perhaps have any links for some documentation for building PyQt as a dependency? What I've found so far seems like a highly specific set of requirements in order to build-in PyQt:
<TopRamenGod> ^that seems super tedious for including some Python bindings^
<TopRamenGod> that said, really if there isn't a HUGE difference between PyQt5 and PySide2 in terms of the API or arguments, PySide2 seems like less of a headache.
<TopRamenGod> basically, how much do they differ syntactically?
<oprypin> TopRamenGod, difference is negligible
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Jul 14 2017 20:51
<TopRamenGod> well, that sounds like I might have my answer then
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Jul 14 2017 21:05
<TopRamenGod> I had such a hell of a time finding PySide documentation that I couldn't really discern if the syntactical differences between PySide2 and PyQt5, if any, are minimal and superficial
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Jul 14 2017 21:22
<TopRamenGod> Thank you all, btw