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Jan 2018
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jan 03 09:19
<venu> ctismer frkleint: 'make apidoc' fails for me with a TypeError while reading a qml file, I guess.
<venu> ctismer frkleint: The error is topiced in this discussion chain:
From IRC (bridge bot)
Jan 03 09:27
<venu> ctismer frkleint: 'make apidoc' fails at line 72 in /media/venugopals/x-storage/pyside-setup/sources/pyside2/doc/, where codec.StreadReaderWriter opens the file with 'U' mode flag.
<venu> ctismer frkleint: the error is goes away if I change the mode flag to 'Ub'. i.e. read in binary mode instead of the default text mode.
<venu> ctismer frkleint: But I'm not sure if that's a better way of handling the error.
<venu> ctismer frkleint: Any advise from you guys?
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Jan 03 09:42
<frkleint> one sec
<frkleint> errr
<frkleint> venu: Nope, at that point you are basically on your own to make it work
<frkleint> venu: if it is QML it should be Utf8, so no idea what is wrong