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Quinn Damerell
Welcome To Baconit For Windows 10!
Joey Foo
Hi Quinn, is this chat active/in use?
Quinn Damerell
Yeah! I am not on it 24 / 7 but I do want to start having conversations on it!
Thai Nguyen
I ran through the app and looked at memory usage, there seems to be no cleaning up of comments when navigated from a subreddit view. However there are sudden drops in memory usage in what I think is GC, but it's not deterministic and personally I think when an user navigates from a subreddit view, it's safe to clean up the comments loaded in that subreddit.
I'll take on reducing the memory footprint
Quinn Damerell
That would be awesome, it is something that really needs to be done and I haven't had time to look at. Thanks!
Thai Nguyen
Though I'd like to discuss what should be the appropriate cleanup behavior
I have some ideas, will write them down properly ok when I get home
Pretty wild that I find my old college roommate
while browsing github's trending repos.
doh, didn't mean to hit enter :(
Quinn Damerell
Hey Jon! That's awesome! How have you been? Want to help out on Baconit? :P
@qtoncoding sure thing, send your ideas to me when you have them ready!
Matt Connew
Hi Quinn. I did a little more profiling of the app and there's one more area I think peak memory usage can be improved. Every single comment get's allocated it's own event handler class instance. You have declared a static event handler in managed code, but the WinRT wrappers create a new RT style wrapper for each usage. To fix this, you would need to basically do the same thing that the framework wrappers are doing and reuse the created objects.
Quinn Damerell
I saw that in the profiler but didn't understand what it was exactly. I am not following exactly what your saying, are you talking about the PropertyChanged stuff in the Comment.cs class? Or are you talking about something else? I'm also not sure what the 'WinRT' wrapper way of doing it would be, are there any examples that you know of you can link me to?
Matt Connew
There is some compiler generated code created around adding/removing event handlers. This is the class used to do this: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh138484(v=vs.110).aspx
Basically it looks like although a single instance could be used everywhere, the framework automatic glue is allocating lots of objects.
I don't know if there's a way to directly fix this because I suspect the event handlers are being created in code you don't own. Gui stuff isn't my strong point, but I remember there being a concept in XAML where it would search up the ui tree to find a ui component which could handle the event. Maybe that would help.
Matt Connew
Hey Quinn, can you walk me through on rebuilding Baconit in debug mode?
Quinn Damerell
Quick and dirty, I just wrote this. I will go back and clean it up later.
Let me know if something doesn't work correctly :)
Is there any version for wp 8.1?
Quinn Damerell
Yup! The original version of Baconit was for WP 8.1. But it hasn't gotten an update in quite some time. Most of my effort is now focused on the Win10 version, I just don't have enough time to work on them both. :(
James Purkiss

Hey Quinn, still getting issues bringing up the project in my version of visual studio. Pretty sure I'm missing some stuff for visual studio though (just replaced my laptop).

Edit: project, not repo

James Purkiss
alrighty, got it up and running.
Quick question: for the gui, did you use winforms or WPF?
Connor Uhlman
Opened up a PR (#60) for issue #57. Wasn't sure the procedure is for contributing, but I started by going from Conrad2134:develop to QuinnDamerell:develop, which included a merge from master into develop (because I'm trying to equate develop to what would be a "release" branch in my organization, but that might be wrong). There's comments and questions about that in the PR though.
Where can I find the keyboard shortcuts in the code? Also, what are the instructions to build?