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Jul 2015
Martin Krasser
Jul 26 2015 05:42

What you're looking for is probably RBMHTechnology/eventuate#46 which is not implemented yet. The current routing approach mainly exists to route events only between replicas of the same aggregate to limit vector clock sizes and served the purpose of one of our Eventuate applications. This application has a large number of aggregates i.e. follows a one-aggregate-per-actor approach.

Advanced routing requires a more coarse-grained causality tracking approach (see ticket RBMHTechnology/eventuate#68 on which I started to work recently). This is going to be a big change in the Eventuate internals (the API shouldn't be affected much, if at all). Log-level vector clocks are also necessary to make replication more scalable as explained in RBMHTechnology/eventuate#66.

Magnus Andersson
Jul 26 2015 11:45
Aha, I see that you have already considered this. Thanks for the pointers. By the looks of it you have this covered, which is nice ☺