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Aug 2015
Fredrik Skogberg
Aug 19 2015 19:26
A quick question, does eventuate allow me to have location transparency from a non-eventuate actor
I want to consume messages from rabbitmq, and each message should be sent to an eventsourced actor for further processing (stateful)
And ideally I'd like to spread my event sourced actors across multiple machine in a location transparent way, similar to how the combination of akka sharding, clustering and persistence does it
I guess I could use the same approach, but that means I'm effectively already using akka persistence, so adding eventuate to the mix at that stage feels a bit redundant (don't need multi location support for now)
Or am I missing something?
Magnus Andersson
Aug 19 2015 21:44
@freskog do you need redundancy across each event log? Akka event logs are not clustered, only one persistent actor supported per event log. Akka clustering supports you on the actor system level and can schedule restarts. Eventuate allows you to have multiple writers per log. But you will have to handle conflicts.