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Aug 2015
Martin Krasser
Aug 20 2015 05:42
@freskog Eventuate is for stateful actor replication (to multiple masters/locations) and not a partitioning solution like akka-cluster-sharding. However, you should be able to use Eventuate in combination with akka-cluster-sharding. With this combination, for example, you can partition application state within a location and replicate partitions to other locations.
Dan Di Spaltro
Aug 20 2015 06:51
@krasserm that is definitely interesting
Fredrik Skogberg
Aug 20 2015 10:55
Thanks guys, I think akka-persistence + akka-cluster-sharding actually solves the problem for me, I don't need the replicated actors for now
Dan Di Spaltro
Aug 20 2015 23:25
@krasserm do you think you could throw up a simple example with that? I kinda want to evaluate the solution but don't want to use eventuate incorrectly.