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Jan 2016
Jan 27 2016 09:08
Hi, I am getting such error message while enabling remoting for my eventuate , play application, Any one can help what could be wrong? Any refrence to specific forum will also help.
akka.remote.EndpointWriter - dropping message [class] for non-local recipient [Actor[akka.tcp://location@]] arriving at [akka.tcp://location@] inbound addresses are [akka.tcp://application@]
Volker Stampa
Jan 27 2016 10:37
Seems like you are trying to connect to an ActorSystem with name location, but it is actually named application. Not exactly sure about your setup, but maybe you just have to set the correct name when creating ReplicationConnections. Eventuate assumes by default the name location, while play probably uses by default the name application.