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Feb 2016
Feb 02 2016 01:15
one more issue which I am facing is while initilaizing Actor for Cassandra Event log, initialization takes time and thus the request gets times out. Is there a way I can wait till Casssnadra Event log gets intialized completely before using the ActorRef , code snippet looks like this :
val endpoint: =
ReplicationEndpoint(id => CassandraEventLog.props(id))(system) endpoint.activate();
val eventLog: ActorRef = endpoint.logs(DefaultLogName)
Feb 02 2016 01:26
the thing works if I add a sleepfor 25 seconds after the actor ref is obtained
Martin Krasser
Feb 02 2016 05:24
@nonysingh79 try setting = 30s or higher in your application.conf. If this doesn't help, please provide error message details. There's currently no possibility to wait for initialization to complete other than overriding CassandraEventLog. If you'd like to have that feature, please open a ticket.
Feb 02 2016 06:19
@krasserm : Thanks I will try that