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Feb 2016
Helena Edelson
Feb 09 2016 06:17
@krasserm hey, are you planning a release using akka v2.4.2 around when they do? It's at RC2 now.
Martin Krasser
Feb 09 2016 06:33
@helena it wasn't planned but I can release a 0.5.1 if needed. OTOH, Akka 2.4.2 should be backwards compatible with 2.4.1, right? Any special reason for a release or just convenience having the 2.4.2 dependency inside Eventuate?
Alexander Semenov
Feb 09 2016 08:04

Hi all.

I have a generic question regarding eventsourcing.

Here is a simple use case: I need to insert some data into a database. ES expects me to perform some validation (e.g. check uniqueness constraints) in command processing phase, then emit some event(s) and insert data into the database in the event processing phase (and pray that it won't fail). But that implies that I should have a notion of transaction spanning command and event processing phases. Instead, I would like not to perform any validation and just perform insertion in the event phase and handle any errors there, but then I can't reply something to the user since such code can only be in commands. Am I missing something?

Helena Edelson
Feb 09 2016 08:32
@krasserm I was just wondering if it would work with the same v for akka stream. If it's BC that's great.
I'll test.