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Apr 2016
Martin Krasser
Apr 18 2016 08:04
@gabrielgiussi then a Kafka bridge/adapter is probably what you want. PRs are welcome :smile:
Gabriel Giussi
Apr 18 2016 16:57

@krasserm I would love to help, but first I think I need to fully understand the architecture. A couple of questions about event logs and locations.

  • The concept of location is entirely for allow sharding and horizontal scalability of the stateful actors?

    An event log can be replicated across locations where each location has its own copy of events in a local event log.

  • A replicated event log only makes sense when I want replicated EventsourcedActors (actors with same aggregateId in different locations)?
  • A real production deployment would have 1 location per node (i.e. per jvm). It doesn't make sense more than 1 location per node, doesn't?
  • What are the relations between the event log and a Cassandra cluster? Is there a direct relation between the AP capabilities of each one?