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May 2016
May 20 2016 03:55
@krasserm : Hi Martin , we are trying to work on Autoscaling the application which uses eventuate and as of now sees the issue as Replication Target is to be hardcoded and ned to restart application if replication target as to be changed. I see we have Open issue RBMHTechnology/eventuate#143 which should resolve the issue by adding capability of Dynamically able to add and remove nodes in replication network. Its salted for 0.8 Milestone. Would you be able to provide any idea on when this feature might be available?
Martin Krasser
May 20 2016 06:08
@nonysingh79 it's actually #142 which is a prerequisite for #143. We'll try to work on it in June but cannot make a commitment right now. The hardest part is supporting disaster recovery for dynamic replication networks. Maybe we'll take a two-step approach here: supporting dynamic replication networks without disaster recovery options in a first step, then adding support for disaster recovery later. This makes it more realistic to complete step 1 within the next weeks.