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May 2016
Martin Krasser
May 23 2016 14:15
@schrepfler at the moment, RBMHTechnology is the open source initiative of the Red Bull Media House (RBMH). Among many other things, the RBMH internally develops and operates an asset management platform. We currently extend this platform to support global distribution. The open source part of these efforts is Eventuate. You can read more about the initial motivation in this article. In addition to global state replication based on event sourcing, we're meanwhile also using Eventuate as federated event bus for more general event collaboration uses cases.
Srepfler Srdan
May 23 2016 17:38
Nice, pretty impressive
One thinks of energy drinks when thinking RedBull
I guess you don't drink coffee
Markus Joschko
May 23 2016 18:23
@schrepfler That is not correct. Of course we also drink coffee: ;-) But indeed, Red Bull is mostly known for its energy drink. But there is so much more as you can see. We do a lot of cutting edge technology to get the media assets of the RB world processed and distributed out to the people.