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Jul 2016
Oliver Wetterau
Jul 13 2016 07:23
Hi, I am wondering if you could help me with a problem ein ran into: I am using a VersionedAggregate in an EventsourcedActor. The problem is that in this special case I am using a polymorphic approach where the VersionedAggregate contains a trait „Product“ and is initialized with either „ProductA“ oder „ProductB“ which are case classes which extend „Product“ in „CommandValidation“ of the VersionedAggregate. Unfortunately it seems that the aggregate does not get set in VersionedAggregate as it is still „None“ after initialization. Is not possible to use base classes with VersionedAggregate?
Martin Krasser
Jul 13 2016 07:31
@owetterau can you please open a ticket and provide a failing test?
Oliver Wetterau
Jul 13 2016 07:41
@krasserm I will do that tomorrow as I am currently working on a different project for a customer.