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Oct 2016
Martin Krasser
Oct 29 2016 04:28
@ddispaltro use case?
@magro I'm happy to have it out after several months delay. One last ticket in this context (#344) before releasing 0.8.
Martin Grotzke
Oct 29 2016 09:57
@krasserm In my perception it wasn't a long time but quite fast! :smile:
Srepfler Srdan
Oct 29 2016 16:14
perhaps Lightbend should partner with RHMHTech
Dan Di Spaltro
Oct 29 2016 16:22
@krasserm I want to build a log outside of the main repo, so I need the test/it artifacts
Dan Di Spaltro
Oct 29 2016 16:40
Then I can basically say this "com.rbmhtechnology" %% "eventuate-core" % Version.Eventuate % "test,it" classifier "" classifier "tests" classifier "it"
Dan Di Spaltro
Oct 29 2016 17:39
@krasserm submitted a pr #345