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Nov 2016
Martin Krasser
Nov 01 2016 06:24
@mehrentreich I understand that it's a lot to digest but a comprehensive example application can only help demonstrating how to use a particular toolkit/framework. For a better understanding of the basics of log-centric, event-driven architectures I recommend reading The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction by Jay Kreps. It also has a good link collection for further reading at the end. I also find it very important to have a good understanding of distributed systems basics. Distributed systems theory for the distributed systems engineer is a nice collection of introductory literature. A book I can really recommend is ntroduction to Reliable and Secure Distributed Programming. Also important in this context is an understanding of Domain Driven Design. Domain Driven Design Distilled is a good starting point here. Hope that helps.
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 01 2016 07:40
@krasserm thank you very much for the provided links
looks very interesting and promising
I think the main "problem" is that the whole subject of distributed computing simply IS more complex than the typical single-node web application
btw. your source code and documentation is really great
all well-written and easy to understand - even for newbies
but I like to not only use frameworks but also try to understand what's going on under the hood and that is where it starts to get a little bit more complicated :-)
please keep up the excellent work!
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 01 2016 07:47
and of course I agree that it's not sufficient to have tiny sample applications if you want to see the big picture and demonstrate how to use all the single pieces of the framework in combination
Martin Krasser
Nov 01 2016 08:10
@mehrentreich yes, distributed system are hard :smiley:
@mehrentreich and thanks for the kind words :smiley:
Gabriel Giussi
Nov 01 2016 13:45
I was about to ask for some books about Distributed Systems. I want to recommend Coursera course about Distributed Systems. The week 4 lesson 2 has nice lectures that helped me to understand vector clocks, one of the building blocks of eventuate. I've got pending to write a brief graphical explanation about vector clocks and locations.
@mehrentreich Distributed systems are definitely harder but also more interesting than single-node web applications.
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 01 2016 13:48
@gabrielgiussi No doubt about that ;-)
and that's why I want to learn more about other technologies and concepts
Thx for the hint to Coursera. It already helped me to learn Scala several years ago.