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Nov 2016
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 03 2016 20:00
hey guys, maybe that's a stupid question but I'm unsure how to integrate Eventuate as a storage solution for an existing application
I'm currently working on a Spring Boot application and I want to use Eventuate as a "backend" service inside the application
the app was already designed with DDD, CQRS and event sourcing in mind so it's not that a big shift
maybe it's not a perfect fit to mix Spring and Akka but I've got it basically working as desired
the question know is how I have to handle the "local" event log if I have a HA setup with multiple Spring Boot nodes behind a load balancer
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 03 2016 20:06
do have to configure and implement this as multiple locations with replication in between even if all nodes run in the same data center and use the same Cassandra cluster as storage engine?
or is causal event order also guaranteed withouth if several instances of Eventuate are sharing the same Cassandra cluster?
I meant "without replication"
if that's completely wrong or if there's a better solution to integrate Spring Boot with Eventuate I'd really appreciate to hear your opinions
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 03 2016 20:11
btw. I know that Spring MVC may not be the best option to fully leverage the possibilites of Akka and Eventuate but changing the UI framework not an option at the moment