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Nov 2016
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 14 2016 19:34
sorry, another probably stupid newbie question...
if try to update a related aggregate / actor in an eventually consistent manner, i.e. by reacting to domain events produced by the "primary" actor, what is the correct way to implement this with Eventuate?
should I treat the domain event from the primary aggregate as a command to the secondary aggregate?
or should I use the PersistOnEvent trait and persist the domain event inside the event handler of the second actor?
I think these are the details where a more thorough sample application would be really great
at least if you are new to Akka or Eventuate
Marco Ehrentreich
Nov 14 2016 19:40
unfortunately there is also a lot of variation how concepts like CQRS are implemented by different people in different technologies
this makes it even harder to figure out how to get it right