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Dec 2016
Alexander Semenov
Dec 18 2016 09:08

@krasserm Hi Martin.

I was unable to work on tree CRDT for month or two (changed job, traveled to NY, etc), now trying to wrap my head around what I was doing. So I've got some questions (forgive me if I already asked something like that).

  • Is it valid to do this in the downstream phase?
edges.remove(edges.prepareRemove(existingEdge)).add(edge, timestamp)

where edges: ORSet[Edge[A, Id]].

  • If a node with same id is concurrently added under two different parents, we apply mapping policy that's is either remove both or keep one with higher parent id (using Ordering type class). But what if those nodes are added under same parent concurrently add differ only in payload? Would it make sense to resolve this using Ordering instance for A (the payload)?