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Jan 2017
Daniel Bimschas
Jan 10 2017 06:46
Hey @krasserm ! I’m about to use this feature you just discussed with @magro. However, it seems I can’t access durableEvent.processId within my EventsourcedProcessor. I guess it would suffice to add this snippet to EventsourcedView:
   * Process id of the local event log that initially wrote the event.
  final def lastProcessId: String =
Martin Krasser
Jan 10 2017 06:48
:+1: please PR :smiley:
Daniel Bimschas
Jan 10 2017 06:53
kk :+1:
Martin Krasser
Jan 10 2017 12:59
I just published Eventuate 0.9-M1 to bintray upon request by several users. This is an inofficial release that covers all closed 0.9 tickets so far.
And of course thanks to all contributors !!!
Alexander Semenov
Jan 10 2017 13:31
Mehdi Massoudi
Jan 10 2017 21:11
Hey @krasserm, I'm trying to use Akka cluster sharding. In your comment to @benash :point_up: December 1, 2016 1:56 AM you mentioned that each shard needs its own event log. Can you explain why each shard needs its own event log? Is this still needed with a split brain resolver?
Martin Grotzke
Jan 10 2017 21:34
@krasserm Awesome, thanks for the release! :thumbsup: