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Jan 2017
Martin Krasser
Jan 15 2017 09:04
@Horusiath I haven't used LMDB before so I can't say much. After taking a quick look at the documentation I think an LMDB storage backend would make sense for applications that require high-performance reads from event logs (e.g. lots of EventsourcedViews, frequent and low-latency activation/recovery of EventsourcedActors representing aggregates, large number of replication reads etc.). However, it doesn't seem to provide significantly better write performance than LevelDB. Anyway, the LMDB API seems to provide everything needed to include it into Eventuate and I'd see it as a useful addition to Eventuate. Do you have any plans working on it?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 15 2017 10:46
actually I'm looking for ways to contribute to project
Martin Krasser
Jan 15 2017 11:26
would love to see such a contribution!