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Feb 2017
Martin Krasser
Feb 04 2017 10:04

@mehdimas not sure I can follow. I understood that the hub location uses a Cassandra storage backend and the (terminal) spoke locations use a LevelDB storage backend. But ...

I want to use ephemeral storage for all application instances

Can you please elaborate? Do you want to delete the LevelDB files and then recover them by replicating from the hub location?

If all locations are terminated ...

Is this just a normal application shutdown or something else?

I'm struggling with the recovery of hub locations ...

Shouldn't the hub location recover from its Cassandra storage backend as it writes its log to Cassandra for durability?

It would be helpful if you could describe your scenario in more detail. Thanks!

@Horusiath I forgot to mention that ConcurrentVersionsTree is rather experimental. I only recommend using it in combination with the one aggregate per event-sourced actor pattern and only if there is a limited number (e.g. up to a few hundred) of updates per aggregate.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 04 2017 10:42
@krasserm I've managed to understand that from implementation ;) I was trying to move into immutable implementation, but it pretty hard to get it right :P
Martin Krasser
Feb 04 2017 11:50
I know :smile: Would be great if you could come up with an immutable version