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Feb 2017
Feb 16 2017 15:14
Hi, How can I do pub-sub with remote locations, multiple producers and multiple subscribers, in such a way that: (1) subscribers don't need to know about all producers; and (2) producers don't need to receive events from other producers (i.e., in shared event log, all producers sync with each other all events; but I don't need that. I just want the consumers to receives the combined stream, but without the consumer needing to know about all producers ?
For example, to use a canonical example, a bunch of web servers produce click events for analytics. the web servers don't need to share with each other their events. and the consumers (various analytic processors) want the merged stream of events without either producer or consumer knowing about each other.
I'll post this on google groups too.
waiting to be accepted into google groups before i can post message there
Feb 16 2017 16:12
also, if a new web server is added, does that mean other nodes need to be restarted?