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Feb 2017
Gabriel Giussi
Feb 21 2017 12:02

@volkerstampa I wanted to ask if we could achieve what jacob asks independently of the deployment.

I just want the consumers to receives the combined stream, but without the consumer needing to know about all producers

With EventsourcedViews we'll receive the stream from all the producers

producers don't need to receive events from other producers

With EventsourcedActors with aggregateID producers will receive no events from others producers.

With the same I ment that, functionally, we will achieve what jacob asks even within a single location. However it's true that events will keep being replicated to remote event logs and "filtered" to the processors. At first it seemed to me that one Actor System for each producer could be expensive, that's why I take this approach. I guess it depends on the number of producers that he wants to deploy.