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Feb 2017
Volker Stampa
Feb 22 2017 07:42
@gabrielgiussi You are right. EventsourcedViews receive all events from all producers and EventsourcedActors with aggregate id receive no events from other producers. An EventsourcedActor does not have to define an aggregate id to ignore events, though. It can likewise simply not handle them. EventsourcedActors typically represent the command/write model and accumulate state (by handling events) for this. Other events (not required for this state accumulation) can be ignored. Depending on the number of producers using no aggregate id may have significant impact on the performance. In that sense using aggregate ids shines when you have many different aggregate-ids and just a few events for each.
Gabriel Giussi
Feb 22 2017 16:32
Thanks for clarifying @volkerstampa