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Feb 2017
Martin Krasser
Feb 28 2017 06:01
@odd We're planning to support Kafka as described in Thoughts on Eventuate's future (codename Calliope). There will for sure be a replication bridge between Eventuate 1.0 and Calliope event logs, maybe even a Kafka storage plugin for Eventuate 1.0 based on Calliope components, depending on user requests. I'm about to collect further requirements for Calliope at the moment and also currently writing a prototype which will be published soon. WDYT?
Odd M├Âller
Feb 28 2017 08:32
@krasserm I really like the direction laid out in the Calliope document! Using Calliope components to bring Kafka storage to Eventuate 1.x sounds like an interesting idea. Looking forward to the prototype :)
Martin Krasser
Feb 28 2017 08:38
@odd Glad that you like the direction! I think the first view Calliope pieces will be available in a few weeks ...
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 28 2017 18:08
@krasserm how do you want to achieve reliable casual broadcast without eventsourcing/persistence?
Martin Krasser
Feb 28 2017 18:21
@Horusiath persistence will be used but this doesn't necessarily mean event sourcing