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May 2017
May 03 2017 12:07

@krasserm thanks for the response. I think I've misunderstood you when you said

This is called causal stability but not implemented yet.

I was actually asking how Eventuate avoids apply the causality filter to the entire log, now I understand is through the sequenqueNr.
In conclusion

  • Causal stability is only useful for PO Log Compactation (reducing the size in memory by discarding timestamps when they become stable)
  • Causality filter is applied to a fraction of the event log delimited by fromSequenceNr and toSequenceNr, otherwhise Replication read times would then linearly increase with the size of the log.
Mehdi Massoudi
May 03 2017 13:15
@krasserm and @volkerstampa - Thanks guys for the response.