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Aug 2017
Martin Krasser
Aug 26 2017 15:38

replayBatchSize is only relevant when the writer catches up from a (long) history of events and is used for backpressure. Once the writer has caught up replayBatchSize is not relevant.

Regarding batch sizes, the replayBatchSize is an upper bound. If the writer currently doesn't have a write in progress and an event is consumed, write() is triggered immediately. See batching for details.

Regarding write() "called twice": do you have events that don't generate write batches (e.g. empty matches or whatever)?

Regarding processing, every writer (like every actor) does serial processing and multiple writers are running concurrently. The batch size settings are per writer instance.

Hope that helps.

Aug 26 2017 16:29
@krasserm Thank you very much. Super careful and helpful guidance!!!!!