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Sep 2017
Martin Krasser
Sep 27 2017 05:30
This would require an extension to CRDTService. What's your use case?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 27 2017 14:44

I was looking at existing CRDTs implementations - in most cases they look like crdt service exposes operation, which maps almost 1-1 to underlying crdt method. Moreover CRDTSpecs are validating crdts directly - CRDTService code is not validated there.

But for RGArray an insert position is a combination of a int identifier and emitterId - i.e. the only valid form I've found is RGArray.insert(index: Position, value: A, newPos: Position) (newPos is the position identifier to value), but it shouldn't be used like that - user should not have to generate unique position identifiers. This is done via RGArrayService.insertRight(id: String, index: Position, value: A)

I'm not sure how should I test this
Martin Krasser
Sep 27 2017 15:37
There are also integration tests and multi-jvm tests. Does that help?