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Oct 2017
Martin Krasser
Oct 27 2017 05:56
@Horusiath not yet. It was planned it context of #301 but the ticket is still open. @gabrielgiussi if I remember correctly, you started to work on TRCB. Is there anything we can (re)use?
Gabriel Giussi
Oct 27 2017 11:24

@krasserm no, I've done the CRDT pure op implementation tested with a Stable event but then I've end up with the TRCB part. I recall to ask you this:

we'll have a problem regarding the dynamic nature of the VectorTime, with this I mean that EventLog at location A starts generating VectorTime("A" -> 1) until it receives an event from a replicated EventLog. We should figure it out how to check stability if we don't know from the beginning what are the nodes that conforms the Vector Clock. This is related to the feature Location addition too.

But we never had time to discuss it (and then I change my job)
I was trying to start to work again on this ticket but I understand if you prefer to continue with it.
I was going to investigate the eventuate code again this weekend, like I did when I did the slides (btw they had a couple of mistakes that georges younes point me out, the changes are here but he didn't mention anything about the new green stability check)