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Nov 2017
Nov 06 2017 16:33

Hello everyone, I have a use case and a question. I would like to use ES to be able to get back to previous versions of an object. For instance, say I have an object, I would like to go point in time - on demand - and be able to tell, this object looked like this at that time. Can we replay event log to a certain point “in the past” instead to its most up to date state? These would be throw away readers.

In guide, I see an Event-sourced views. So, do I write an actor, that would take the logs up to the point I am interested in, and discard the rest of the messages? I see that EventsourcedView has replayFromSequenceNr method, but not a way (like akka persistence Recovery(toSequenceNr = 457L) ) to get logs up to a certain point. I can see the design decision here, I just want to make sure I am in the correct direction.