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Nov 2017
Volker Stampa
Nov 07 2017 11:18
Hi @ahmetsevki , thanks for your interest in eventuate. I think your conclusions are correct. Currently there is no replay-to-sequence-nr feature in eventuate. A possible workaround for this is as you proposed to ignore all events with sequence numbers greater than your given number when replaying a view. Note that in a distributed setup you would typically have to find this sequence number that represents your point in time for each location (see also Event ordering and consistency)
Nov 07 2017 21:00
This is not strictly about eventuate, so I apologize for asking here. I assume people here would have experience to answer this question. My problem domain has case classes that have many members, in 20s, and sometimes more, if you expand the nested structure (22 limit on case classes). What is a good way to model Events that will update these case classes?
1) Convert case class members to Option[original type], and then use a sparse case class instances as the update events? They can be serialized to json, and would not take much space(Since case classes define my domain, I do not want to convert all fields to Option, because now I need to write validators and lose type mechanism to provide that to me )
2) Use raw Json (play-json) objects and write custom updaters to case classes by parsing the event log json
3) use something like scala-records and model domain as records instead of case classes?
Most of the examples I see only use a basic "Person" class, with name, phone number and an address. I searched the gitter and tried to search stack overflow, but it is hard to describe the problem to get good search results. Thanks in advance...