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Jan 2018
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 01 2018 17:45
@krasserm I wanted to push forward the implementation of RGArray - I've modified the previous implementation (a Vector[Vertex[A]]) to TreeMap[Position, Vertex[A]], however I've got a conceptual problem with building immutable sequential data structure from there:
  1. In current implementation I'm pinning vertexes together into linear sequence using internal field Vertex[A].next which points to the next vertex in a sequence. But since I need to put elements in the middle and vertices are immutable, I'm again ending with necessity of reallocating all involved vertex pointers (potentially O(n)).
  2. I could represent pointer to a next element as Position of the next vertex in tree map. But then building a linear sequence from that is O(n * long(n))