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Jan 2018
Jan 09 2018 01:35
I can't fully understand what is being tested in the CRDTChaosSpecLeveldb with the batchUpdate. I've ask this because currently is not passing (timeout at the first expectMsgClass(classOf[Set[_]])) due to the switch of the ops.precondition to false but I can figure it out why.
If nobody sees the problem I'll continue investigating.
Martin Krasser
Jan 09 2018 08:21
batchUpdate repeatedly (100x) adds and removes random numbers (1-10) to and from a replicated ORSet managed by service, followed by a "stop-*" update on that service (signalling completion). The tests runs the batch updates concurrently on all 4 services and tests whether all 4 replicas have the same state (after batch update completion). A timeout on expectMsgClass means the test doesn't reach