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Feb 2018
Volker Stampa
Feb 26 2018 07:27

Do you mean create a RTM per CRDT where the EventsourcedView will have the aggregateId = crdt.aggregateId?
Anyway, snapshots should prevent heavy replays, maybe scheduled snapshots?

I actually thought about integrating this into the CRDTActor. Could that make sense?

However the problem I now see with that is that being a command we can not assure that the CRDT Actor has actually seen the events (aka operations) before processing the command, while being an event we were saying that the TCStable is in the causal future of the events that are stable at that TCStable.

If the logic is integrated into CRDTActor it could initiate stability logic after the effect is applied, right? So reordering should not occur and stability logic is also applied on replay which seems to be correct as well. WDYT?