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Dec 2016
David Griggs
Dec 16 2016 05:06
Thank you both for discussing this so much, I was glad to see your comment about step 11. It's the only step that really screwed me up, symlinks for all EGL and GLES library files went bad as soon as I moved the original files, so I had to move them back, thank goodness I didn't remove them!
I don't know if this will help you SPlatten, or if you even care 6 months later haha, but I made it through the process, only by using -device linux-rasp-pi2-g++ in the config command. For some reason using -device linux-rpi3-g++ failed every time with a thousand "unknown CPU architecture" errors, so I went back to pi2 and so far its working fine...
I still wonder why rpi3 failed on a pi3, and rasp-pi2 worked, but for now I'm content to cross-compile.
David Griggs
Dec 16 2016 05:13
Also worth noting, I followed, who mostly followed the EGLFS step-by-step guide, but gave some nice notes on the process and offered alternatives I could try. For example, qtbase git cloning never completed successfully for me always failed checkout... so I went with his tar file instead (much longer as it installs almost all available Qt packages) and it worked flawlessly.
Also gives a step-by-step of configuring Qt Creator on your host, which was extremely helpful.
Sergey Radionov
Dec 16 2016 11:13
@dgriggs, thank you for sharing your experience!