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May 2015
Raimund Hocke
May 12 2015 12:25
@simonjosefsson sorry for being late. hope you are on the road now ;-)
Raimund Hocke
May 12 2015 12:44

I decided to completely revise SikuliX with version 2.

In parallel I will still support version 1.1.x with service releases (mainly bug fixes) until version 2 is useable (I guess somewhen towards end 2015 again with nightly builds beginning in late summer).

version 2 will be completely backwards compatible with respect to the official API, that I will publish with the final 1.1.0 (which in turn is nearly 100% backwards compatible to earlier versions of SikuliX and Sikuli).

I think a new repo for version 2 makes sense, because the internal structure will be very different against 1.1.x (where already now there are many compromises and boiler plate code). ... and it will be strictly Java 7 + containing as little C++ stuff as possible (hopefully zero :-)