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May 2015
May 29 2015 15:54
sikulix IDE 1.1 on windows has a horrible habit of throwing exceptions on files save whenever it thinks tabs or indents are out of order. it should not even check that yet the moment some comment ''' marker goes out of sync IDE throws any attempts to save gracefully. Sometimes it even saves the actual file on disk, but still shows * next to its name and cant close saying it is unsaved
quite frankly - it's infuriating
and happens WAY too often
also, it does not ever try to check that python script it imported changed
so the only way to make it see changes is to reopen the IDE
May 29 2015 15:56
The "OnAppear()/observe() only works the first time for one image in same region" bug appears to be still unresolved. Is there a workaround?
May 29 2015 15:57
dunno, havent used that yet
<<< currently fighting with robot framework, rewriting the scripts to work with subtle changes its introduction brings
which was listed as critical and scheduled to be resolved ~ 2 years ago, but was not addressed?