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Oct 2015
Oct 14 2015 00:55
Is there a python package that is similar to the ruby gem to script sikuli in python?
Oct 14 2015 07:23
@Simon-Kaz Thanks for the response.
I run into a couple of issues using SikuliX:
  1. Comparing (finding) images in two different screens usually fails, how do you deal with this kind of issue? Like maintain different images on captured different phones, or perhaps alternatives?
  2. Which way do you use to make SikuliX communicate with phones? VNC solution on PC? From what I am understanding, if use VNC solutions, PC seems not available to work in parallel. I am researching if monkeyrunner on android platform can address the issue, but don't have clue yet.
    Basically, I want to use SikuliX for automating multiple games on multiple phones, very curious about how you solve these issue?
Szymon Kazmierczak
Oct 14 2015 08:43
i use appium to control the mobile devices
for blackberry, years ago, i used SOTI :D
by taking screenshots of the app via appium, i always get pure unscaled shots
then i use remote comparison to find x/y and pass those to appium click/tap method
Oct 14 2015 12:02
@Simon-Kaz That sounds cool, but how do you integrate appium into SikuliX? Can you give me more info plz? Thanks.
Szymon Kazmierczak
Oct 14 2015 12:33
appium java client with sikuli java api
Finbar Timmins
Oct 14 2015 16:35
@blackoperat sikuli supports jython