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Nov 2015
Nov 25 2015 00:51
@RaiMan could you please fix "type()" of non english characters? It appears using paste() has non obvious and highly annoying pitfalls so it's not always a solution.
also, the screenshot mechanism is faulty. on some linux systems all Qt windows are captured as black boxes
googling tells it might be because sikuli is trying to access the graphics card directly whereas window composition manager might be ordering stuff in a way that only system's own screenshot mechanism and related functions produces correct result
(which I confirm, gnome's own snapshot mechanism shows everything without black boxes anywhere)
^^^ all of the above are obviously lwo priority as it affects only specific cases, but still, they are really annoying and/or make sikuli unusable if you are affected
Nov 25 2015 00:58
for example if not for the "solution" I linked, I'd be unable to test my Qt app for 64 bit Centos under VMware since if you use sikuli from it, all you get are black boxes (and no images matches obviously) and if you try to switch to unity mode and test with the host system's sikuli you realize you can't put non english stuff into editboxes because App.setClipboard only changes host system's clipboard even though "clipboard sharing" is enabled. Thus, when sikuli issues ctrl-v to the editbox, it picks guest system's clipboard which was NOT modified by eiter sikuli's paste() OR App.setClipboard
(should probably make it a bug on launchpad later)