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Dec 2015
Raimund Hocke
Dec 03 2015 10:56

@aolko (about: btw, what do you think is broken here)
I guess you have to add

global isChromeLaunched

at the beginning of def CheckChrome. A variable in a def is loacl to the def in the standard.

@aolko (about gui in Jython)
yep, you have to use Java awt/swing
Dec 03 2015 12:06
Hello! I'm new here. I want to ask you about the maven repository deploy of the 1.1.1 version. I need to integrate the tool to a prject using maven, and the 1.1.0 has broken dependencies on maven repository. Sorry for my english.
Alex Bednarczyk
Dec 03 2015 12:35
I don't know the exact term but is there a way to change the "refresh rate" of capturing the current screen for image processing?
Dec 03 2015 17:34
well, tried that, two problems, 1) lots of code for a simple window with a button, 2) form does not behave like a separate instance (i.e. when you close it, it kills sikulix)...oh will there by like...actual .skl files, not folders anytime soon?
Dec 03 2015 17:46