These are chat archives for RaiMan/SikuliX-2014

Apr 2016
anatoly techtonik
Apr 15 2016 10:26
@RaiMan do you plan to release 1.1.1 anytime soon?
Raimund Hocke
Apr 15 2016 11:34
@techtonik final 1.1.1 I plan for end of April
Yeasin Ar Rahman
Apr 15 2016 14:21
@RaiMan Basically what i want is to build a voice command and control application, the voice features and the natural language processing is already taken care of. However i dont seem to find any specific way to control third party applications of a system. so far i am exploring Autoit and user32.dll both seem to do things similar to sikuli, with some difference. so is it possible to use sikuli with conjunction with a system for a voice command control application? Thanks in advance.
Raimund Hocke
Apr 15 2016 17:48
First you should try out, wether the features of SikuliX are suitable for what you want to do. The next step then is the decision how to integrate the SikuliX usage into your application. Be aware, that SikuliX basically is a Java application.