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Apr 2016
Eirik Brandtzæg
Apr 28 2016 08:56
@RaiMan Thanks, haven't seen that issue actually. I will try replacing wmctrl with a dummy-script later today. I'll get back to you with the results
Raimund Hocke
Apr 28 2016 10:12
I just made a fix in the 1.1.1, so that SikuliX does not crash when there are problems with wmctrl, but only print error messages. Available with the next nightly build.
Eirik Brandtzæg
Apr 28 2016 11:15
@RaiMan It works! Just made an empty wmctrl-file and made it executable
Eirik Brandtzæg
Apr 28 2016 11:39
It seems to have problems with wait-calls, not able to find the images.
Wonder if the delay is too large or something, at least initially, since the device is quite slow
But got it working with clickand sleep. Thanks a lot @RaiMan .
Like to emphasize that we got it working on a non-internet arm v7 device. All libraries and dependencies were downloaded via package manager and linked in via USB
Eirik Brandtzæg
Apr 28 2016 12:01
This message was deleted
Apr 28 2016 13:02
Hey all. I am trying to install Sikulix on Ubuntu gnome, and well I am failing big time.
Basically it downloads the sikulixlibslux.jar down but that's about it.