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Repo info
    Hélio Guilherme
    After installing 1.1.1 the script is there :)
    Leandro Bighetti
    Running Sikulix IDE on Mac OSX 10.12.3, can't capture anything on the dock or in the status bar
    is this normal ?
    Raimund Hocke
    is this normal ?
    Yes. you have to start the capture outside of dock and menu bar and then drag inside.
    Leandro Bighetti
    @RaiMan Thanks!
    Wilson Mar
    Are there instructions for installing and using SikuliX with Selenium?
    Wilson Mar
    @lbighetti can you share your script?
    Leandro Bighetti
    eeehh... It's just a stupid script. The trick on the new macs is what the master @RaiMan mentioned. You need to start outside the docks/status bar. And it still looks like it's not capturing the right image (the mouse goes under the dock, not on top), but it actually is.
    Wilson Mar
    Thanks, I'll try it
    Hi I would like to build sikuli from scratch . how to proceed. Is it possible to build it as maven project in eclipse?
    Just tried it command line wise and got 'BUILD SUCCESS'. so suppose that via eclipse it will also be possible
    Hi, sorry if this is irrelevant here but can someone please give me the directions to this
    Matthias Kucharska
    Good day RaiMan. I got Sikulix up and running and write/test a few scripts. I dont seem to get a button of an application clicked, which I have trouble to find the reason for as other operations work. Could you please advice how to trouble shoot this best? This is run on Parallels.
    this does not only apply to the save button, but to any button on the application. It can focus the window and identify the buttons but not seem to click them.
    Matthias Kucharska
    i think this is because sikulix does not seem to get control of the mouse inside the parallel windows virtual machine
    Matthias Kucharska
    also having a problem running the same script which runs fine from the IDE, from the command line
    Matthias Kucharska
    I found solutions to above. Ty.
    Hi, sorry if this is irrelevant
    but how i use movemousedealy because on my proyect using Settings.MoveMouseDealy = 0 doesn´t work
    hey guys, i've got a short question
    im trying to start sikuli with a docker container
    if i run sikuli with runsikulix -r script the script works until the first wait() command
    [error] java.lang.NullPointerException ( java.lang.NullPointerException )
    [error] --- Traceback --- error source first
    line: module ( function ) statement
    63: Sikuli ( wait ) at org.sikuli.script.Screen.capture(Screen.java:545)
    [error] --- Traceback --- end --------------
    if i run exactly the same command via terminal on the exact same machine in the same working directory it works like a charm
    any idea what could have happened?
    first im starting vncserver and with && i added a sleep to make sure its started and with another && im running runsikulix
    no idea how to fix that :/
    for people who are encountering the same problem in the future: dont use the CMD or ENTRYPOINT for running sikuli but use the xstartup file from the vncserver and attach your command to the end of the file
    this ensures all gui, windows, etc. are loaded
    otherwise the wmctrl is not able to start the programs ;)
    Hello, I've been working on a browser automation library project based on SikuliX for a while now, benefit over SikuliX alone is that it doesn't grab desktop mouse, meaning you can potentially run a number of SikuliX scripts in the background (for tests?) without using VNC or a framebuffer. Thought I'd share it: https://github.com/waicool20/SKrypton Here it is in action: https://streamable.com/j84wt
    Hallo Guys! I have an issue with following exception
    [error] text: text recognition is now switched off
    --- no text ---
    [log] CLICK on L(1391,517)@S(0)[0,0 1920x1080] (525 msec)
    Sikuli is working fine with clicking on button also functional test works well i mean this one
    Screen s = new Screen();
    but with recognition of text some issue
    I`m using java 8
    Could you be so kind to help me with this ?
    Tuğrul Can
    How can I get send /recieve input/outputs from a terminal using Sikulix?
    I mean is it possible to get location of latest opened window on screen?
    Hai to all
    Jahid Shohel

    Hey guys, I can do this on a Screen object -


    Anyone knows how to do this on an App object? I mean I don't wan't to use screen for various reason, one of the reason is it considers the whole screen.

    how do i build this?
    hello everyone, I'm trying to setup cucumber (JRuby) with Sikuli IDE. I could only find this line in the installation guide, but I am unable to figure out of this work: https://github.com/RaiMan/SikuliX-2014 "If you want to experiment with the special JRuby support (rSpec, cucumber, ...) you have to look into the modules JRubyAddOns and JRubyGem. Both have to be built manually if needed (not contained in the local developement build)." - help :(
    -> question: where can I find these modules JRubyAddOns and JRubyGen and how do I build them manually? and what next? :(
    Steve Jensen
    Hey everyone. @RaiMan thanks for the work you've done on Sikuli. It is a great solution for UI testing our embedded linux application.
    I am having some trouble trying to implement VNCScreen. Has anyone in here used VNCScreen with QT5.10's vnc platform plugin?