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May 2015
Dave Moten
May 27 2015 05:22
Hi Simon, I'm running RxJava in tomcat and would like the issue addressed also. The desire for a Schedulers.reset/shutdown has come up before but not in the container context and I think we should revive it. Can you raise this as an issue on RxJava github?
Simon Baslé
May 27 2015 07:05
@davidmoten do you remember if there was an issue hosting the discussion about Schedulers.shutdown?
Simon Baslé
May 27 2015 07:34
ah found it, reviving ReactiveX/RxJava#1730
Rai Butera
May 27 2015 19:00
hey guys I’ve got a nooby Rx/bacon question: is it OK to design an observable (subject) so that it is never ‘completed’?
Basically I want to create an observable (subject) that is populated by an async call, and that data to perpetually be updated when it is changes, for the lifetime of the application. Am I right in thinking “completed” would ‘close’ all subscriptions to the subject?
Simon Baslé
May 27 2015 21:22
@raibutera that's a perfectly valid use case, an infinite stream of emissions